custom-made furniture



Conceptual design

The leading idea and objective of our design is to get the most out of a space and use it rationally, in accordance with the client’s wishes. The conceptual design includes the preparation of a front elevation, a floor plan and layouts for all rooms covered by the project, as well as suggestions concerning furniture, wall coverings and lighting solutions.      

When a quote is accepted, we go out on the field to determine and sketch the existing condition, based on which a new solution is developed in cooperation with the client.

Each step is taken in agreement with the client and with their approval, so that the space ultimately meets their individual needs, desires, and requirements. The complete documentation comprises a series of suggestions, guidelines, drawings and ideas and – optionally – 3D visualizations that make it easier for the client to visualise what the space will look like in reality, to define colours and coverings at a later stage, as well as to manage the necessary works.

The conceptual documentation contains everything you need to tackle the work on your own, to define what you want and to visualise the final result.

The conceptual design is intended for everyone who plans a thorough change in an interior and wants the space to really look its best.


Interior design and decoration

The design focuses on quality solutions with regard to function, orientation, materials, style, floors, ceilings, lighting, standards, anthropometry, furniture and decorative elements in a space, be it an apartment, a hospitality venue, business premises or something else.

You can rely on our experts for top-quality interior design of residential, business, and public spaces in line with their function.

An important part of a design is interior drawing and 3D visualization of the project. 

Interior design is a process of adapting a living or business space to the client’s requests while keeping within a given budget.

Our expert team will assist you in choosing a style, propose new ideas, ensure effective communication and help you put your ideas into action in a professional and quick manner. A lot of elements need to be combined in order to achieve an organised, comfortable, and aesthetically designed space. Our designers skilfully manage this process, using their aesthetic abilities to create a vision and transform it into reality. That’s why we are here – to make your dreams come true.


Production of custom-made furniture

We make all types of custom-made furniture for various spaces such as apartments, houses, villas, business premises, hospitality venues, hotels, etc. Feel free to contact us and request specific proposals and quotes for any type of custom-made furniture, tailored exclusively to your wishes, needs and the space you plan to furnish.


Do you need to decorate your home or business premises?

Contact us with full confidence for designing ideas, interior designing or custom-made furniture. Our expert team will be happy to answer all your inquiries, and with our knowledge and years of experience, strive to contribute to the design and implementation of each project in the best possible way.